why us?

Whether you need to deliver a message in a foreign language, or decode what someone else has sent to you, finding the right person to help isn’t just half the battle – it’s the major factor in the success or failure of your project. So why are we right for you?

Our expertise draws on cumulative experience of more than 40 years in the translation profession. In settings as diverse as a US blue-chip, the Council of the European Union, Frankfurt’s banking quarter and a German software stalwart. We’ve written and translated millions of words, and read millions more. What started out as a “flair for languages” in our formative years has been honed carefully and precisely to help you communicate today.

We’ve earned our stripes. With degrees in translation from Heriot-Watt University’s prestigious LINT programme and passes in the Institute of Translation and Interpreting’s MITI peer-reviewed assessment, we have studied the theory and demonstrated that we can apply it in practice. But we also know that learning doesn’t stop at graduation. Continuing Professional Development plays an important role in staying abreast of what’s new and what’s next. And we believe fervently that great communicators work best in teams. We work collaboratively to draw out the best in each other, and in your text.