Translation Process Consulting

consultWe have devised a system of Translation Process Consulting, which allows us to help you manage your complex translation projects more effectively and efficiently, taking advantage of the latest technologies for quality assurance and optimising translation reuse.

Very often, the reasons for the failure of a translation project are not linguistic, or related to the translator’s ability to translate in a given field, but are rooted in a basic lack of technical expertise in handling complex file formats and conversions, not only on the part of the translator but also on the part of the coordinator or project manager.

With over 10 years of experience of translation projects that involve complex file formats, such as html, xml, and dita, often working across various different platforms, like Unix, Linux, Microsoft Windows, IBM AS/400, Iwan is the perfect choice for outsourcing your technical project management.

This experience has come to the fore in various multilingual projects, such as the translation of an AS/400-based ERP system from German into English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Greek, Polish, Czech and Slovene. Iwan was responsible for the technical aspects of the translation process, including devising a system to move AS/400 message files and user help code to PCs (along with the associated character conversions) for translation using Windows-based CAT tools before reintegrating the translated objects into the AS/400 environment.

More recently, Iwan has also worked with UK translation companies in devising processes and routines for handling xml containing embedded code (such as HTML and even RTF) with CAT tools such as SDL Trados.